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Author Notes

Jun 07, 2012
You might see a difference in Lucy here. Last few months, especially from new readers I've had complaints that it's hard to tell the women apart. My initial reaction was to add color, knowing it would be an easy way to solve the problem, but that it would also give me time to come up with some redesigns of the characters that might help to solve the problem the harder way.

I don't have examples of how some of the characters might look yet, but I'm really trying to both make them at least more unique, but also not seem like a completely different character. Hopefully this turned out well, but if not, I'm open to hear about it.

In the art section of the site I've added my concept drawings for Nigel and Lucy. There's also an example of what Annie will look like starting on the next page, and Grace (who readers of the first Pulse comic might remember) could look like. I have a lot of reject designs, but I'll wait to put them up to prevent any confusion (but they are up on my DA page).

I had meant to make this change at the beginning of a chapter, but with Nigel appearing, I felt like I should just go with it now. It will require thought me trying to make redesigns of the other characters in advance of them appearing, which might not be ideal. It seems like the best option overall though.

I've been told I should give more thought to body language and giving characters more unique physical proportions, but this is all going to need to be a longer process, the faces and hair are more obvious, so they need to be considered first.


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