This comic is rated PG-13, it may include violence, adult themes, and cheesecake.


Chapter 01 "Catalyst" After encountering a strange humanoid creature, a majority of the world's strongest heroes are wiped out, prompting research into the creation of new superbeings.
Introduces: The Silver Dragon
Chapter 02 "E-Class Batteries" Instead of giving powers to the powerless, many attempt to improve those with trivial powers. Two "E-Class" human batteries are experimented on, hoping to increase their capacity.
Chapter 03 "Side Effects" While the experiment was a success for Tabitha, it seems to have had no effect on Annie at first. While Annie waits, Tabitha discovers they are meant to use a set of flying armored suits.
Introduces: Connor Silverstone
Chapter 04 "The Two Pulses" As they begin training with Connor, Tabitha claims she also wants to be called "Pulse". Feeling powerful with her armored suit (and their shields), Tabitha picks a fight with a dangerous rival in the cafeteria.
Chapter 05 "Weaknesses" "Pulse" and "Bolt" continue training, becoming used to some of their weaknesses. Annie tries to hide her physical changes from Thomas, uncertain if she should try to surprise him.
Chapter 06 "Mayday" After unsuccessfully attempting to take apart her armored suit, Annie goes on a test flight in the city- only to be attacked by an icy trouble-maker.
Introduces: Shadowlight
Chapter 07 "Break-Down" To confirm if Annie's suit was indeed compromised, it must be completely taken apart and compared to the original blueprints.
Introduces: Nigel Robbins
Chapter 08 "Double-Trouble" Tabitha is sent to check in on a shapeshifter.
Introduces: Zoe
Chapter 09 "Teamwork" Tabitha's dopperganger manages to invoke the higher form of their suits, becoming more than a match for the duo. Can both Pulse and Bolt defeat her?
Chapter 10 "The End of the Beginning" The Silver Dragon continues his secret agenda.
Chapter 11 "Roommates" Annie moves back to a shared room with Lucy.
Chapter 12 "The Friendly Ghost" The adventures of Connor's goth teleporting granddaughter.
Introduces: Grace Silverstone
Chapter 13 "Search and Rescue" The duo are sent to the scene of a high-powered superhero fight to search for survivors until they pick a fight with someone way out of her level.
Introduces: Deuce Uno
Chapter 14 "Damage" The aftermath of the fight with Deuce and Uno. Annie remains injured, and must wait to recharge to be completely healed.
Chapter 15 "Three on One" Mira, Arim and Evileye search for a thief inside the complex.
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