This comic is rated PG-13, it may include violence, adult themes, and cheesecake.


Plot of the Comic

Human batteries Annie "Pulse" Chang and Tabitha "Bolt" Greene become armored superheroines. Each using their natural charge to power flying armored suits.

They must start at the bottom, dealing with dangerous rivals, and complicated missions. The comic is set in the fictional island city of Port Braddon, Michigan.

It is generally light-hearted, and PG-13. It may feature some sexy fan-service from time to time, some violence, maybe a little blood, and some adult ideas (at least I'd guess that sex would be implied at some point, death, etc.). It shouldn't feature adult language, crude jokes, drug use, or lots of blood and gore.

Origins of the Comic

This is a remake/restart of a comic called "Pulse: The Blue Bombshell", which I worked on -very irregularly- between 1999 and 2008-2009.

Incomplete, the original ended up being 225 pages long. The comic shown here is completely new, but contains basically the same characters and at least a vaguely similar story.

In 2009, I decided to cut back and reduce down to only one comic. I decided to go back to my original webcomic. But if I was wanted to work exclusively on it, the best solution would be to start over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you male or female?
I'm a guy, although people often assume I'm female for reasons I can't explain.

Why is Annie so busty?
I guess because I wanted her to be that way. I wanted to make a busty superhero who had a personality unlike most of the other examples. She's smart, not promiscuous, not vain, kind-hearted, doesn't dress in skimpy clothing, has what I'd think is an interesting personality, and her superhero outfit isn't skimpy either (it covers all but part of her face).

Does Annie have breast implants?
Read the story for an answer. (spoiler: no)

Are the older pages going to be colored?
Yes. I still have to redesign many of the characters, and I'll continue coloring the older pages once that is complete.

Are these actually questions people ask you?
Yes. The "why is Annie so busty?" question comes up a lot.

About the Author

I've done a number of webcomics before, most never complete, most not online right now. I've had a habit of starting comics and then switching to another one after 10-30 pages. This is my attempt at trying to stick to one single comic.

I've had little art training in my life, and that's probably not a positive. Other than drawing in pastel classes when I was young, I'm mostly self-taught.

Tools I use to Make the Comic

  • 2009 Wacom Bamboo Pen Art Tablet
  • Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2010 (drawing)
  • Adobe Photoshop CS1 (coloring)
  • Adobe Indesign CS1 (lettering)
  • (Early 2009) Mac mini, 2ghz Core 2 Duo, 4 GBs of ram, 320 GB HD
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